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What is this "scuba tank-like" device?


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What's an archived post? Is it no longer available?



In all honesty, I'm not sure myself. I just notice the option to search "non-archived posts" and assume maybe some aren't available? I do remember posting about a similar unit that was suspended horizontal from the floor joists and Les identified it. Unfortunately, I don't accurately recall what he said it was. I thought it had to do with the water heater that is beside it, but I don't recall the connection.

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Is this an old water softener or just a filter of some sort? If it is a softener, where does the salt go?

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It could be an old filter, if it contains sand/gravel/clay/bone charcoal or an old softener if it contains gravel & zeolite. If there's no other opening than for the 2 pipes, it was the type that got switched out on a regular schedule.
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Culligan had abt "forty million" out there. Old technology.

If there's no opening for regeneration, it could well be a Culligan. They originally didn't sell water softeners. They sold a service that softened water. The "Culligan Man" (a franchise) appeared regularly at customers homes to switch out canisters.
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