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The Ultimate Car Brochure Project

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Scott, I guess "ars" means something else in that lingo, is it Swedish? [:)]

I didn't find all my old rides, but I learned that the ride of my '66 ford pickup was tested with a portable computer. I wonder what the computer specs would have been in 1966?


Maybe something like this IBM 1130 with 64 Kbytes of core memory.

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13.31 KB

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Which was probably the ONLY day you could go faster than 30 or so on the Beltway in the daylight.


No doubt. It was about 11:00 at night when we set out. The Studebaker had a fabulous engine in it, but it was in the process of restoration. About two thirds of the way into the run, with all the windows down, the cloth headliner blew down, in an instant, which scared the crap out of us. It was like an air-bag deploying, but from the ceiling.

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Where are the Hupmobiles?

You asked.....


It's Swedish.

Here's a rough idomatic translation:

At last, here is the streamlined car you'd hoped for. Down to the smallest detail, a car that is in harmony with the wind but is as _______ as ____________.

There is more than just beauty in the 1935 Hupmobile; you'll accelerate to cruising speed without any effort....its spacious luxurious interior...its first class comfort.

However, your greatest pleasure comes later the first time you test Hupp's excellently constructed and full breathing engine.

The 1935 Hupmobile Aero - the dynamic sensation of the year. A car built as strong as a truck - yet in a price range much lower than what you would expect to pay for so much value.

Request a catalog of this year's models.

United Car a.-B. In Malmo


Q. Tullgaton 6

Tel. 28043


St. Badhusgatan 18

Tel 20 523



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