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New OH Garage Door Opener


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Greetings all,

Is anyone familiar with this garage overhead door opener: Wayne Dalton idrive for TorqueMaster?

I've never seen one. It appears to be direct drive to the spring bar, and the motor is about the size of a fist. It seems mighty enough, but I see no apparent safety reversing features. And, as fragile as the system looks, I'm not excited about testing it for a reversing feature, for fear of damaging the aluminum door or unit.

I'm in the field, so I can't upload A picture.

This is a two year builder's warranty inspection, so the opener is relatively new.

If you have any familiarity with any reversing features, which aren't obvious, kindly inform me.

Thanks in advance.

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Safety-reverse photo sensors aren't required. I cribbed the below from their web-site.

"Elimination of photo eyes - When using idrive for TorqueMaster models with pinch-resistant doors, photo eyes are not required by federal law. This is because idrive® technology in effect changes the entire door into a reversing mechanism so that no matter what part of the door is obstructed, it will reverse. It is too easy for photo eyes to become misaligned or damaged, thus rendering their safety feature useless. That can be dangerous. "

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I wasn't sure what kind of catastrophe might happen if I attempted to stop it.
That's easy,

It sets of a special alarm and then a gruffalump attacks you, shreds you and leaves you on the ground for the street cleaners to sweep up.

What?.......Well, you're the one that asked!



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