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Preservation company missed the pipes buried in this wall. No heat in bathroom or utility room at the left. Used to be ridgid copper, now it is more better. They will be back today to cover the two valves and reinstall the piece of paneling. Total Cost = $1200. Who caused it? = the same company that is getting over a thousand dollars from Freddie!

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same house after furnace was cleaned and serviced. Cost $240.00, same company.

This house has been thru TWO Hud inspections for financing during the past five years and is going to be picked up again by HUD for a zero down mortgage. I don't want to be political, just this sort of thing has a large negative effect on our profession. We are the bad guys!

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I got threatened about 3 weeks ago via a phone call from the builder of a new construction. It was an FHA inspection that I did there and he didn't like me holding up the sale. Remember the thread with the street pole in the middle of the sidewalk? Him! And it wasn't the street pole that failed that inspection. There used to be an FHA inspector, 90 minutes from me who, for over 10 years, passed ANYTHING for the right price. I just checked the roster at HUD, he's no longer there. Progress?

Les, plumbing isn't my forte. What's wrong with the plumbing? Unless you're referring to the disfigured stud.


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If the valve is a single lever Moen valve ...then it's all wrong

The valve is missing support, a 2x4 on the flat flush with the backside of the wall framing will usually work out well with 1/2" wallboard and wall tiles. This is most critical with PEX lines as they don't provide much support as copper would.

The 'rough-in' template (white opaque plastic disk in front of the valve against the wallboard) should have been installed flush with the FINISHED wall. This plate is a guide in locating the valve body and protects the rough-in from construction damage, it's thrown away by the finish plumber.

I'm thinking the valve is too far inside the wall for the lever to shut off the water ...

Are the two lines running inside the exterior wall?

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