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Need a good contractor in OR for destructive.....

Brandon Whitmore

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I just did a repair inspection (siding replacement) on a large 3 level home with minimal eave protection; one of the repair items was to remove/ replace the existing LP siding. Luckily, the siding guys were not quite done when I arrived, so I got to see their WRB details at half of a slider door. They had used no flashing whatsoever at the door; materials were installed in this order a)Bare plywood wall sheathing b)windows/ door flanges nailed directly to the plywood since they were not removed during the siding replacement c)WRB installed over the nail flanges with no flashing (suspect same issue at all windows/ doors).

I went and pulled receptacle cover plates and confirmed my suspiction that the contractors screwed up the WRB installation elsewhere (bare plywood showing around J-boxes for example).

The contractor was just contacted and he stated that he did in fact install flashing at the windows, and that he only screwed up the areas I found (yeah, right). I recommended to my client that he hire someone to spot remove some siding so that the WRB/ flashing details can be checked elsewhere; I think he is going to take me up on it.

My client is looking for a knowledgeable contractor to remove siding and ensure the WRB is properly detailed elsewhere.


I could use a good, knowledgeable contractor to refer out-- anyone?

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