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The Nut Doesn't Fall From The Tree

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I say give the kid a break.

I don't watch that dancing with the stars crap, but it never fails to amaze me how people who watch that show seem to obsess about the contestants and how they are constant fodder for comedians and all sorts of tongue wagging; and that goes double for this Palin kid.

And that's just what she is, a friggin' kid who's made the same mistakes that most of our sons and daughters have made or are going to make. Her only crime seems to be that she's the daughter of a failed vice-presidential candidate and all of the nut cases theorized that she was the true mother of her brother.

OT - OF!!!


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Teenager being a teenager. Been under fire for the last 3 years because of her poor decision to have a child. Not that I agree with it, I don't. Typically, the kids are off limits during the attacks, but not in this case. I can't blame her or her sister for what they have said lately. I digress as I see this heading political real quick like.

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Yeah, the kids should be off limits in these things. Being the child of a celebrity or politician is enought of a sucky way to grow up as it is.

Normally, yeah, it would be hard to ague against that, but .......... if you choose to cash in on your situation and transform yourself into a celebrity, you give up any expectation of privacy. If the woman (an adult at 20) doesn't want to be the object of criticism, she should live her life accordingly and stay out of the limelight. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

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