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Google Chrome and Cloud Computing Seminar

Tim H

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3D is working with Cloud.

Cloud3D Services

In preparation for the new Phone3D app and other planned features, the new version 11.3 series has the ability to interface with our new Cloud3D Services. What are "Cloud3D Services"? This new service uses secure Microsoft-hosted servers "in the cloud" to facilitate easy, safe, and secure transfer of inspection reports to and from various devices, including inspection reports sent to and from Phone 7. "It just works". What does that mean? With a simple login on your devices, you'll be able to upload and retrieve inspection reports without complicated file transfer setups like ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center, and it also provides more reliable file transfer then FTP options. Read more in our Cloud3D Services FAQ page here: http://www.3dinspection.com/3D-Products ... vices.html

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I just opened your website on my smart phone (BB Torch), and it worked fine. Since the Cloud 3 system is a windows OS I doubt it will run on ithings or Blackberrys. It should run on the Hewlett Packard smart phones though.

Anyone who has tried opening multi page documents on a smart phone will tell you that they only do it if they have to . To try and read an entire document is tedious and time consuming.



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