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Free pre-ice treatment

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Do any of you have an idea of what the pre-ice solution that is used by many highway departments smells like when it is being sprayed in front of you on the highway! In TN the DOT uses a mixture of Beet juice and salt brine to coat the roads prior to an anticipated ice/snow event.

If you can imagine liquid Kimchi(sp) that is sticky and brown in color then you might have a good idea! My truck was coated with it today when the DOT truck turned on its sprayer. The poor lady in front of me had to pull off the road it was so thick on her windshield.

Don't get me wrong, this stuff really works well but it just stinks!

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stop being a whimp!

move to a real state with real snow!

"liquid kimchi" would disolve the asphalt and take all the paint off your truck!

my local county uses a glycol mixture that is bright yellow - looks, feels and tastes like dish soap. super slippery for couple of seconds then stays "wet" until a couple of snow plowings seems to remove it.

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