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Has anyone worked under BPG and had good results?

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There is a company known as BPG (Buyers protection group) that recruits experienced home inspectors to work under them for a percentage but in exchange they pay all your fees and provide medical insurance for you and your family. Is or has anyone worked under them and had a good experience with there company?

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I haven't worked with BPG, but Charlie and I are close friends and were partners in a another business. He's a straight shooter. If you're thinking of selling to them, you should email him at: CWood@bpgwi.com. HI companies are generally not worth what we think they are to companies like those guys, but he's definitely worth a conversation.

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I spoke with them last monthy. Talked with local fella, another inspector across the country, and 2 of the management types. Nice enough people.

Ask them to send you the numbers. They have a side by side comparison of what you would take home on you own vs. what you would take home if you worked for them. Then pull out your financials for the last year and add a third column to compare against their numbers.

The basic premise is they handle "all the back office" stuff. "They" pay for most of the overhead. Well actually you do all the inspections and generate all the income and you are paying them to handle the back office stuff and pay the overhead. You still do all your own marketing.

Depends on what you want from the company. Run the numbers to figure out how much you pay for your overhead now including insurance, vehicle, taxes, computer, software, memberships, dues, licenses, etc. Then calculate at what point you have covered your overhead and start making money. For me it is about 100 inspections. After 100, the overhead is covered and my profit margin increases dramatically.

With them, your profit margin is flat at about 40% of the billable amount.

They are not bad people, you just need to figure out how much support they really provide for you and how much you are willing to pay for that support.

I politley strung them along for about 3 weeks and they kept increasing the % they were willing to pay me. I would say don't be to eager to sign on the line and their offer may improve.

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