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Central Kentucky's newest realtor suckup inspector

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Some things just make you want to shake your head and walk away!

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Ja ... 5293953945

READ the text on the brochure picture.

Erby, because today is July 4th, and because I'm British and a sore loser, I'm going to be contrary, just for the bloody sake of it.

Give the kid a break! I know it is fashionable here to diss any and all marketing to agents but it looks like he's new and just trying to find work. Maybe he shouldn't promise a "stress free" experience for the realtor but that could mean he explains everything very well in the report, leaving no ambiguity for the clients and agents to stress over. Probably not, but we don't know that.

On the bright side, he doesn't seem to have a web site that accepts and posts links from any and all real estate agents...just to boost site placement. Some might argue that makes louder sucking noises. Know anyone who does that in KY? [:-dev3]

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I take it this is what you wanted us to see and emulate.

(I took out the link.....we don't want the fellow getting mad because we're making fun of him.......admin.)

Not mad but that makes no sense. The photo was a screen shot of the link posted above. Removal of the photo changed nothing in the thread except one has to read through all the dribble to find the brochure shot.

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"just to boost site placement"

Just that, and it works.

Hi again Erby. Yeah, I think most here know you well enough to realize that you are a good guy and it's purely innocent marketing. I was being facetious and just trying to point out what could happen when you don't get the benefit of the doubt from a stranger.

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