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hail damage to tile roof causing polka dot look


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can anyone advise me on whether or not i should pursue my insurance company to replace my roof. i have a premium policy with 120% replacement. we had a hail storm 10/10 in phoenix, az. as a result we had damage to our roof ( 3 types: walk deck, foam and largest area tile). i've had several reputable roofers say my roof is now polka dotted and this will decrease the value of the home if i try to sell. the ins co wanted to paint the roof and offered a settlement which i refused because our home owners assoc wouldn't allow. to me this was admitting damage which they now deny any damage. they have sent a structural engineer who says it is just oxidation and will eventually go away with a few rains. we've had 5 rains and no better. he also said they wipe off. we test washed area and the finish comes off. he feels we should hire someone to hand wipe every tile. should the ins co cover this type of damage/

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Lemme get this straight. You've got visible spots on your roof from a hail storm 10 months ago and your fighting with your insurance company about replacing them now. Sound right?

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. If it wasn't under water or spun to bits by tornado it was on fire. Underwriters are buried in claims. They never even sent an adjuster to see this poor guy.

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have printed pictures on regular paper from engineer but no disc and don't know how to add to this page,

have been fighting with ins co since 12/10 it took several months to get roofer out

We really can't be of any help to you without pictures. You might be a nut job who's seeing bird poop on the roof and calling it hail damage.

You know, those types who can't be bothered to use the shift key are always suspect.

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Glendale and Peoria both received quite a bit of damage when the hail storm came through last year. However, I'm not sure what polka dot damage is. I have been seeing a lot of damage that looks more like golf ball damage. (broken, chipped, cracked, displaced, and missing tiles)

If I were to guess, I assume that some of the glazing got chipped off the tiles. However, we would need some pictures to know for sure.

I don't recall if you said, were these clay tiles or concrete tiles? Did you have any other damage such as broken tiles or dented flashing?

I still have a couple of reputable roofing companies stop by my house every week trying to sell me a new roof. However, they are all driving trucks with out of state license plates. It does tend to make you wonder.

Post some pictures when you get a chance and maybe we can give you some advice.

Jeff Euriech

Peoria Arizona


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Scan your pictures and save them to your hard drive as JPEG pics. Resize them if necessary to get them under 200Kb each. When you name the file don't leave any spaces in the name or use special symbols.

This: DamagedRoofTile_1 or Damaged_Roof_Tile1

Not: Damaged Roof Tile #1 or Damaged Roof Tile (#1).

Do not use the quick reply box to respond. Instead, click on the 'reply to topic box' immediately below the last post read. Then use the Insert Visible Photo icon below the composition box to insert your photo. Click on that button, browse to the photo on your hard drive, click to upload it, wait for the software to tell you that it's done and then close the sub-window and go onto your next picture. When you're all done uploading all the pictures, submit the post and the pictures should display.



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I had to chime in.

Les, thanks for the plug. (Even if I am not as good looking as you)

We have lots of tile roofs in this area and some of them (from the 70s & 80s) have a finish on them that oxidizes like paint.

They get very slick when wet. (I slid down one last April)

The hail hit different parts of the valley and made some of these roofs look spotted when the hail blasted the oxidation right off of the tile.

I have seen this on about 10 different roofs since the storm last October.

I also found broken tiles on each of these roofs.

The insurance adjusters look at the oxidation as a cosmetic issue and the broken tile repair likely will be less than the deductible.

I know that is not the answer he is looking for but the foam and shingle roofs are the ones that the insurance companies are replacing, and most of them are only paying for partial replacement.

On a different note, go check the fins on your air conditioning unit.

If the hail was hard enough to spot the roof it likely damaged the fins on the AC unit.

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