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How to get building inspections reports?

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i am thinking about moving to Chicago and looking for a home these days. The question i have is how do i get the building inspection reports for the properties i see? A couple of houses that i am seeing the owners already have some reports but the question is can i trust those? Or should i get them done all over again? Also any specific services regarding Home inspection that i can use in Chicago Also what kind of reports do i need? I have lived on rent my entire life so a little new to all this and want to make sure that i do not end up wasting money on things that are not needed.

Hello Everyone - The person that made the post above just happens to be at the very same IP address that provided a helpful answer and link below that one of our moderators wisely deleted. First they posed as someone wondering how to find reports and then they responded under a different user name and posted a link. All of that is intended to get you to go to their site, which tells you that if they are using underhanded and dishonest means to get you to go there it must not be worth the trip.

Mike O'Handley, Editor

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Hire an independent inspector who is working for you only. He will be your advocate. Do not rely on any past reports. There are inspectors on this site who can tell you what you need in that area better than I can.

Also check with the state to find out about licensing of any inspectors you hire, whether it's the home inspection, wood destroying insect inspection, septic, etc.

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It's good that you appreciate the value of an inspection before buying the house. The only thing that you're missing, and what few will tell you, is that just as houses vary widely in condition, inspectors vary even more in knowledge, inspection skills, writing skills and overall performance.

Judge the house before you buy it but don't forget to examine and judge your prospective inspector too.

There's several good ones on this forum that are from the Chicago area. Look around, read their posts, websites and sample reports then ask them questions.


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Looks like you've already made a good decision by coming here. Let's keep you on the right track.

You need to have your own inspection. Relying on someone elses report could be a huge mistake. It's your money, your investment, and your responsibility to look out for yourself.

Hire an inspector you're comfortable with. It's important for you to understand, that buying a used house is a lot like buying a used car. An inspector referral from an agent can be just as dangerous to your best interest as having a used car checked out by the salesperson's mechanic. An agent gets paid a percentage of the commission from the sale. They have the most to lose as a result of an inspection. No sale, no commission. Same as a car salesperson. Take the time to find a good inspector, on your own.

Look out for yourself, and good luck to you.

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All Users,

A post above containing a link to a site called Inspection Reports Online has been deleted because the person that made the initial post - kprobertwhite - is at the very same IP address as the person that had answered and provided that link - ernestrjackson. Both user names have been locked.

This was a case of a someone trying to generate traffic to a specific site by posing as someone needing help and then coming back under a different name and posting a seemingly helpful response. If they are going to resort to that kind of chicanery to lure you to their site, do you really want to go there? You decide.

Hire an independent home inspector who knows his P's and Q's. You can find them right here.



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