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Some of todays finds


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21.5?KBthis was under tub other side of duplex,notice the way the abs/pvc and purple primer just flow together. [:-weepn]

Its things like this that keep bringing me out of retirement to fix the screw ups of these clueless bumbling butchers. [:-yuck]

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Kind of looks like you're finding some good ones, but you need to get a real camera. Those blurries don't show much. By the way, you can put more than one photo in a post. You don't have to keep starting a new reply for each picture. Makes your life a little easier.

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I keep losing -breaking real cameras! [:-paperba

Ill have to get myself a new one for christmas

I suggest focusing (ha, I made a pun) on ebay. You can get perfectly good used older models for a fraction of what you'd pay for a new one.

Ebay for high end cameras, sure.

Or you can buy the Nikon Coolpix or similar for about $90. Get the ones that take AA's, and buy 2 pairs of rechargeables, total cost $100. I have dropped one 15 feet onto a concrete patio and it survived. I leave it in the smiley face setting (portrait) and use the cord to upload, never touching the memory card. That works for me and I take a ton of pics.

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