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Not a Tiki Hut, but what is this roof style?

John Kogel

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Yep, Japanese Tea House, thanks Richard.

It does suggest a Polynesian war canoe, maybe which inspired the original tea house look. The chimney spoils the effect.

I think one of the roofers carved that eye with a nail.

There is a more subtle variation which doesn't have the raised ridge. Someone put a lot of effort into this one.

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There's Japanese, Maori, Pacific Northwest tribal, Hawaiian, and (maybe) even a tad Chinese influence in that form. If you look at the Pacific Rim cultures, it's run through most of them.

You can see it in boats, housing details, iconographic sculpture, totems, etc.

The one's copied in the West using tree farm lumber rot out quickly.

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It's Japanese inspired.

According to Japanese Homes and their Surroundings by Morse, many old traditional style homes in Kabutoyama in Mushashi have that detail. It's kind of distinct for that region. According to Morse, it was widely copied in Southeast Asia and in Pacific Islands.



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