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"City of Vancouver Sanitation Services 3" sign?

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Hi, there,

A customer called and asked me what is the sign that says "City of Vancouver Sanitation Services 3" on his lane way fence post doing? He said the neighbour has a similar sign of ?City of Vancouver Sanitation Services 4" on their fence post.

I know it's not within our standard of practice to inspect this kind of signs, but in the interest of providing better service to my customer, I'd love to know the purpose of the sign. My guess is that it's some kind of marking for garbage pick up or sewage connection, but not sure at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks, Mike, for the quick reply, I called the city a few times, all I got were voice mails and asking me to leave a call back number, I'm not hold high hope on getting a call back any time soon. Typical city service, anyway, I'm still trying to get a hold of a live person, but in the mean time, I thought it might worth a shot asking for help here, in case someone knows.

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Thanks for all your suggestions, just got the answer back from the city, in case you're curious, it refers to the old and discontinued garbage collection system, when the home owners pay for garbage service based on the number of cans they can set out each week, hence the number 3 or 4.

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