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seamless gutters

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Seamless gutters have little to do with quality and there's no standard.

5" gutter might run anywhere from $15-20 + bucks a foot installed, downspouts, no extensions, plastic splash blocks.

If you have any marginally decent sheet metal shop nearby, you can have them roll the stuff out as long as you need it for a few bucks, buy connectors, it takes a day on a simple house. Sometimes transporting long lengths on top of the truck gets weird.

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I get seamless aluminum gutters installed fairly often... "5K" style with 2x3 corrugated downspouts... and it runs about $6/foot of gutter and spout. 125 feet of gutter plus let's guess 50 feet of spout, that would run a bit over a thousand bucks.

Keep shopping until you find someone who can put up a job like that in a few hours with one helper, and then go do two more like it the same day.

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