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ASHI Mold Class

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I received an email form ASHI today about a mold class and certification of some sort. I don't know what is being taught but I have the feeling this is a bad idea.

I am also suspicious anytime the word, "subjacent," is used.

Course Description: This mold inspection course is a comprehensive study of mold and moisture damage.

Looking to Diversify your company

The ASHI School is having a 3 day Mold class coming up in Illinois Saturday , Sunday , Monday , June 23, 24 25, 2012. The class will be held at The ASHI School, second floor class room. Address on the left of this box.

If you are an ASHI or NIC-ASHI Member and register for this class before June 1, 2012 you will recieve a $95.00 discount, off the $795.00 class fee

If you would like to register go to link below

http://www.theashischool.com/content/ho ... spx?id=154

More information about the class see below, or contact Jack McGraw Director of The ASHI School


Jack McGraw

The Ashi School



Mold & Moisture Damage Comprehensive Course

Course Description

This course is a comprehensive study of mold and moisture damage, and the effects thereof on structures. It is conveyed in a "bump-up" learning environment. Learning begins in an abstract form and then expands into a more formative development of specifics. Part one begins with Mold basics which is a primer that covers: mold's history, types of, health concerns of, requirements for its growth, inspection methods for, sampling and testing of, individual and professional remediation practices.

Next bump-up level is Part two which covers the following: aspects of mold's growth, types, conveyance systems, and discoveries through professional mold remediation practices. It will also cover proper use of PPE (personal protection equipment), safety, learning how to find the :

Red Flags of moisture intrusion and the theory of associated client Red Flag Symptoms caused by exposure to mold.

Course Objectives

To educate, enhance and expand an inspector's knowledge of the microbial growth field and the damage factors precipitated by moisture intrusion, through applied empirical observation while gathering quantitative data with instruments from the outside to inside, and from the attic down to the basement or crawlspace. Mold & Moisture Damage Comprehensive Course

After participation, the attendee will become proficient in learning microbial growth (mold) patterns in various inhabitable structures and areas thereof, have an expanded physiology of microbial growth, and have the knowledge and use of expanded personal protection equipment when inspecting for microbial growth, write a complete environmental inspection report with integrated and annotated picture references, and present the client with a findings report subjacent to the microbiology labs report. The student will also be able to incorporate this leaning into creating and operating a business model.

Lecture by multimedia presentation, learning labs, discussion and field evaluation.

By passing a (150) question exam with a minimum score of 80% (120 correct answers), you will receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

To register go to

http://www.theashischool.com/content/ho ... spx?id=154

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$795!!! They oughta be teaching how to milk the cow. They seem to know a lot more about that than mold.


You got more out of that than I did. I started to lose concentration at around the second sentence, so I missed the part about the cow.

The history of mold, now that would be interesting to hear. [:)]

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It's for the business of the business of the society. It's a great revenue stream for the society.

We see this gig as a profession. The yokels running professional societies see us as their product, and are surprised we aren't running like rubes to be part of the next big thing.

Professional society management is big business, and it has little or nothing to do with the profession. In other gigs, there are schools that decide where the profession goes; in this little corner of the world, it's the yokels that decide. It's what's so dangerous about ASHI, or any of the societies.

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Mold Class?

It is sad to see the slow downfall of a respected organization. Based on what has happened in NJ, state licensing has made ASHI obsolete as a way to determine if someone is qualified.

ASHI finally sees that they need to be focusing the organzation as an educational resource and not a "Brand. ASHI has a lot of competition (less expensive) for the required educational credits and they missed the boat.

It may be too late. Time will tell.

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What is a 'bump up" learning environment?

"It is conveyed in a "bump-up" learning environment."

So I am curious, are we sure that the ASHISchool is part of ASHI? I went to the ASHI website and looked up their education links - none of which are to the ASHISchool and I don't see the ASHI logo anywhere on the ASHISchool site.

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Oh, damn... spoke to soon.

ASHI Education Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Society of Home Inspectors ("ASHI").

http://www.theashischool.com/content/ab ... n-inc.aspx and at the bottom of the page "The ASHI School is a division of ASHI Education, Inc. ".

........and there my friend is the real "problem".

I am a strong ASHI member and have been for years, but this ASHI School crap just sticks in my craw. Mold training/education can be done without connecting it to an additional fee. Learn all about it, but do not get caught up in the mold for gold camp.

Why can't folks just concentrate on being a good home inspector? I know some of the best home inspectors in the whole world and none are mold inspectors. Shoot, I own a mold remediation company and I don't test for mold.

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It's the business of the professional society to pursue revenue streams that don't necessarily coincide with the best interests of the profession.

It's painfully lame, but I don't care. A yokel moron is running the thing to accommodate a business plan. He will not last long contradicting science and will become a joke. We can make it a joke through the slow process of educating customers, then he'll be gone.

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