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Radon fan clearances?

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What issue do you think would be involved with this installation, other than aesthetics? The radon tube is sealed, as is the fan. The fan will not create any air turbulence so it will not interfere with the venting process. The vent can still vent.

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I am with Jason on this one. I don't think the fan will corrode, because it is never exposed to the combustion gases. The radon system is supposed to be sealed.

I do have additional observations and questions; Will condensation form around the radon suction and discharge pipes? Will the configuration (shape) of the radon fan cause a change is the natural air flow around the vent pipe? Is this fan rated for that size pipe? Is the radon fan perfectly balanced and causes no vibration that carries over to the other pipe? etc..

Sometimes common sense trumps all the other nonsense of a specification! Who is going to tell me this is a good installation? Careful, I said a "good" installation.

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Hey John,

usually I get it, but am missing this one!

Maybe you've calmed to the full extent and are now recycling.

Condensation should not hurt the mitigation equipment since they are designed to withstand it.

The WH is a direct vent so it's pushed out by a fan. As long as there's not an obstruction, it will expel exhaust as it should.

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