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what is this

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Thanks for the info gents. Now I can pretend to know something the next time someone asks.

I like inspecting old homes. I hope to buy one some day. Something way out with lots of elbow room so I can abide by my free will. Stuff like a shooting range right off my own back porch. I would like that.

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It could be. It could have been a dial that operates an arm or sprocket as described in post #15 here: https://inspectorsjournal.com/forum/top ... C_ID=14228. It could also have been a device with hooks or slots for the chain to be placed in different positions.

By 1920 however, it was common for the chains to be controlled by an electric motor, located in the basement and controlled by a thermostat in the main living level.

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This gizmo looks like it may have been part of a furnace control. 100 year old house.

"Chas. Fawcett, Sackville, NS or NB" A lot of cast iron stoves and furnaces were produced at the Fawcett factory in New Brunswick. Or maybe it was Sackville, Nova Scotia. They've both got a Sackville, but the factory is now in Sackville NB.

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