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Best ski jump shake


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There were about 10 shakes like this on this roof. What makes them do this?

Too much exposure, nailed too high, flat grain and/or those shakes had considerably more sapwood than the other shakes of mostly heartwood.

Right. The top quality shake wood is scarce, so they are picking up wood that in the past would have gone for sawn shingle or siding. That is a pretty extreme warp tho. Some of the other curled shakes may have been split from the same block, probably a butt end.

Good shake wood comes from old growth cedar. It is a thing of the past now, all gone.

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Fortunately someone had to tell be about that blue pill thing. At one of my physicals I asked the doc "How do you get ED"? He started explaining all the ways to cure it. I said, "No, you misunderstood, my wife wants me to get it".[:-party]

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