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time lapse engine overhaul

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I didn't play the audio, but it looks like the basic Austin engine, British 4-banger that powered dozens of vehicles, from the Healey to the Mini. Yes, that was fun.

About a 1960 Triumph sedan, I think it is. They had the one piece nose with a clip on each side. Richard would know.

I believe that's a Triumph Spitfire. My first car was a Triumph Herald. The spitfire was much the same, just a bit sleeker and only 2 seats. Both hinged from the front like that.

Although British Leyland absorbed Triumph in the early 60's, it was a different engine from the Austins, Morris's, etc, etc (my second car was a Mini Cooper). Those all had 3 exhaust ports with the two center cylinders sharing the middle one.

Wow and Jumping Jehosaphat!!!! Sorry about that. Just had a lightning strike very close to the house. Very, Very loud. Car alarms going off. Stupidly, I'm still on the computer!

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Thanks, Richard. Your wiring survived the lightning strike, we hope. That cloud skimmed past our place at about 9 AM, with a bit of distant thunder. I'll try to warn y'all next time. [:)]

Here's your *Warning* just had a lightning strike west of here, Southern tip of Vancouver Island, 8:30 PM. Lightning in this part of the world often means a forest fire somewhere in the interior.

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Yep, I'm not sure I remember any other day that has been so T-storm active, for so long, here in the NW. It's been off and on most of the day. I was just out on my deck (10:30ish) and I can see frequent distant flashes from all over the Olympic peninsula and, perhaps, as far north as Vancouver Island. It's just one more sign the end is nigh.

Don't panic, and make sure you have your towel!

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O'Handley's doing that on his project...


But on my project the engine rebuild is one of the small jobs.

I agree with Richard, I think it's a Spitfire. I actually rebuilt one of those in the spring of 1975. I'd quit the Toyota dealer I'd been working for and I opened a place called 'Nippon Motors' in an old two bay garage in an alley in Torrington, CT. I was supposed to specialize in Japanese cars, but the place was pretty unimpressive and I wasn't getting any work. I think I lost money for the first three months when I paid the rent. Anyway, a friend had a Spitfire that burned oil like crazy and I rebuilt his engine for him. A few months after that I went into the military.

I didn't have any engine crane or even a chainfall. I removed the radiator, disconnected the umbilicals and starter and then unbolted the bell housing, wrapped a nylon tow strap around the whole thing like the handle of a shopping bag, and then stood on both front tires while I muscled the thing to the front to pull it free of the input shaft. Then I built a sort of bridge off to one side with some scrap lumber from the alley, lifted the thing out, walked it to the side and lowered it to the floor. All by myself and straining and sweating like a pig. The next morning I couldn't stand up 'cuz I'd strained the living crap out of my back muscles.

In retrospect, it's probably one of the reasons that decades later I'm only able to sleep four hours a night before back pain wakes me up. Well, that and a few dozen parachute jumps, 120lb rucksacks and long treks, and fallilng off a couple of roofs, and....



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