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If you have stock in GE

Chad Fabry

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I don't have the stock, but you had me sweating. I've got GE appliances of that vintage. However, it's my lucky day, my DW is a Whirlpool.

Does anyone think they should go back through 6 years of inspections and call everyone that bought a GE dishwasher? I record make and serial #, but usually skip the first few letters of the serial #. My bad.

I think I'll check my database for new homes of that vintage with a GE DW.

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In my Inspection Agreement:


B4U Close Home Inspections does not research product recalls or notices of any kind. A basic home inspection does not include the identification of, or research for, appliances and other items installed in the home that may be recalled or have a consumer safety alert issued about it. Any comments made in the report are regarding well known notices and are provided as a courtesy only. Product recalls and consumer product safety alerts are added almost daily. We recommend visiting the following internet site if recalls are a concern to you. www.cpsc.gov


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