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AC Compressors Indoors

Mike Lamb

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These two compressors for a split system are in a room. The room is well ventilated with the door open and ventilation to the outdoors above it. I've never seen this set up before. I'm worried about heat. The room does have a thermostatically controlled exhaust fan that doesn't work anymore. Comments?

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obviously follow mfr. install specs

when unavailable as a general guide

Condensing units require a minimum unobstructed operation and service access space

12" minimum from all sides

18" minimum service access

24" minimum between units

60" minimum above

i'm of the mind set service access should be the min. 30"x36" electricians get and usually get to call this out for disconnect access, just like your pictures!

although yours don't meet these specs, i report but doubt any ever get moved

yours probably won't get anywhere near as hot as what i commonly see

been running all day, south-west sun exposed, 5 in the afternoon with a 120~140 degrees ambient reflecting off dark brick veneer within 6", ymmv

include this for our illiterate installers

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