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pumping concrete into crawlspace

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We had a dirt crawlspace about 4 foot high with some gravel on top. No water problem. We recently had drain tile and a sump installed, and had a concrete floor pumped in. There was a vapor barrier laid down under the concrete before it was poured. Now, we are experiencing alot of condensation on the duct work running in the crawl, and it is forming large but shallow puddles on the floor. I know this isnt necessarily bad for the concrete, but we feel that the water laying there will evaporate and maybe start to mold or mildew the wood floor above. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Most concrete that is pumped has water added after it has left the truck chute by the pump operator. It makes the concrete easier to pump. The concrete is weaker in design strength by the extra water. The pump operator has change the concrete mix design. The concrete is still curing, take Kurt advice and give it a couple more weeks.

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The condensation is probably the curing of the concrete, whether the operator added too much water or not. You may also consider sealing the crawlspace from the outside, and eliminating the hot humid air in the summers. Condition the air in the crawl with your HVAC system and maybe a dehumidifier, the same as you would in a basement. Sprayed polyurethane foam on the foundation will help you do this, and you'll save on heating bills in the winter, as well. www.crawlspaces.com

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Jeff Tooley, a North Carolina contractor who specializes in sealing crawlspaces and turning them into conditioned space has written about three articles for the Journal of Light Construction over the past couple of years. You can probably access at least one of those free at JLCONline at http://www.jlconline.com. Use the search feature and search for the keyword 'crawlspace' and look for articles since 2003 about conditioning crawlspace.



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