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I was a Man of Words


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I am always delighted to learn and use new words. At least those words that are new to me. You would think that after 68yrs I would seldom see a new one!

Hooped may be an exception. I really like the word and at least one of the urban slang meanings. My problem is I really don't know how I can effectively use it until I know the "common" meaning.

When I saw Katen use it in a reply, I was nearly overcome with word envy and made a New Year's Resolution to review all my old Reader's Digest and refresh my vocabulary!

Who else uses hooped, other than Katen and the guys from Canada.

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I heard my 16 year old son and one of his friends use it the other day. My son was talking about a boy on his school basketball team getting a shot blocked during a game... He said that he got "hooped" by that 6'8" guy.

Apparently getting "Hooped" also involves a degree of embarrassment when you are a teenager....

Now that I think about it I think we used the same term in college after you had a bottle of vodka with a 7Up chaser!

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generally I like words with multiple uses. Was it Burt Reynolds that was "Hooper?"

It was Burt Reynolds. Part of the movie was shot here in Tuscaloosa.

Yeah, Dennis Weaver was "McCloud', totally different character. Same hat and moustache, same era.

Me wrong.

Dennis Weaver was Chester in Gunsmoke of course, but my favourite Weaver movie would be "Duel" where he is a traveling salesman and becomes a target of a semi-truck driver's road rage.

Favorite Burt movie would have to be "Deliverance", although Jon Voight takes the lead in that one. After Burt takes the arrow thru the thigh. Ouch!

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