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Mold Testing Survey

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From Mike Lamb:

A recent Chicago Tribune article (January 6, 2013) contained the following statement under a photo on the front page of their Money & Real Estate section.

"Testing for mold, radon and carbon monoxide are among air quality issues usually addressed by home inspectors."

This statement was accompanied by an article on home inspections called, "Sizing up a home."

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The Chicago Tribune's total average circulation, including print and digital, was 414,590 for the six months ending March 31, 2012.

Please just answer the survey and do not provide comments as to what your opinions are on testing for mold. (Comments will be deleted) For discussion of this issue or the article, please start a new topic.

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Nearly a year ago I started a poll on two home inspection forums, The Inspectors Journal and Inspection News. It was in response to a Chicago Tribune article which stated that mold testing was an item that home inspectors usually address.

The following are the combined poll results from both forums as of 10/17/13, 2013. The poll was viewed 3,228 times. The Inspector's Journal had 1,006 views and Inspection News had 2,222 views. Each forum responded with a total of 221 votes. 126 from TIJ and 95 from IN News. The poll results are rounded to the nearest 1/100 percent.

The TOTAL out of 221 respondents:

1. I usually test for mold. 6 votes (3%)

2. I sometimes test for mold. 27 (12%)

3. I never test for mold. 107 (48%)

4. I never test for mold and I do not recommend testing. 81 votes (37%)

Results from Inspection News: 95 respondents

Q1. 2 (2%)

Q2. 14 (15%)

Q3. 50 (53%)

Q4. 29 (30%)

Results from The Inspectors Journal: 126 respondents

Q1. 4 (3%)

Q2. 13 (10%)

Q3. 57 (45%)

Q4. 52 (41%)

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So the result of this poll is that 85% of home inspectors polled do not test for mold.

Any plans to report to the Tribune?


I did a long time ago after the poll results were pretty obvious. Their "experts in the field" were not impressed.

"Mike, your email to editors was referred to me. I?ve reviewed your concerns with the standards editor and spoken with experts in the field. I?m satisfied that the types of issues we described in the home inspection story reflect the general areas that home inspectors address.

Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Tribune."

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