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My attempt at muckraking


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This past Saturday, I went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show with my wife, her brother and her 79 year old friend. The Farm Show is often extremely crowded, but that afternoon, conditions were outright dangerous. Thousands of people were packed into a long L-shaped corridor. It was near-gridlock. My wife's friend was nearly knocked down. I didn't see it, because we were somewhat separated, but I was told two young women saw it, and stayed with her until the ordeal was over.

I was incensed that management of the state owned and managed facility took no action to alleviate the situation. Yesterday, I sent a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. It was published today. They published it exactly as I wrote it. I can't say the same for a story they wrote about the situation. They got most of what I told the reporter right, but some of the words attributed to me weren't exactly what I said.

There is a link to the article at the end of the letter.

Letter to the editor

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Governments are good at ignoring their own regulations. That hallway looks like a Chinese subway. Actually, quite a bit worse; the Chinese have marshals in most subways rigorously controlling activity.

The end of that article sounds like a lot of bureaucrats deflating and deflecting any idea there was a hazard.

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Thanks, Chad.

Bill, this may have been the first time I've gone on a weekend. I forgot to mention the show to my wife early enough for her to get a day off from work.

The character of it has changed drastically (for the worse) about 10-15 years ago when they added the new buildings. Still, I do look forward to it every year.

Kurt, it boggles my mind how the management of such a high-profile, densely populated public building can thumb its nose at basic fire and life safety standards. For years the fire corridor has been used for vehicle storage. The city claims it has no jurisdiction in state owned buildings. I wonder if that's by statute or simply not wanting to step on toes.

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