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Any BPI Certified Muti-Family Auditors here?


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Have always respected this forum and remember meeting some of the senior contributors in 2007 at Watts Radiant in Springfield Missouri.

I haven't been very active in HI business lately and have been a QA/QC inspector with an Utility Provider's energy efficiency program the past 5 years or so. I am wondering if there are any Energy Auditors here BPI Certified to audit Multi family buildings in Illinois South of I-80 (Ameren Illinois territory). If so email me at Frank.Peters@csgrp.com.

Thanks and keep on keeping on...

-Frank Peters

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Hi Frank,

It's good to hear from you. Like Les, I thought the Watts training was great and I wish there were more training along those lines tailored for and available to this profession.

Sorry I can't help with the BPI multi-family question though.



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