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DW/Disposal breaker size


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Originally posted by Donald Lawson

Are dishwashers and disposals required to be on 20 amp breakers?

If yes, can you show me where to find the reference in the IRC or NEC?

Thanks Ya'll

Are you asking whether or not each of these appliances is supposed to be on a 20-amp circuit? (The answer is easy. No.)

Or are you asking if a dishwasher and a disposer, when sharing a circuit, are supposed to be on a 20-amp circuit? (The answer is complicated. Before I spend time figuring it out, I want to make sure you care.)

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Thanks Jim,

That's close enough. I routinely see DW and Disposals on 15 amp breakers when they're on separate circuits. When sharing a circuit I see them on a 20 amp breaker.

I was pretty sure the disposal didn't need a 20 amp breaker, but wasn't sure about the DW.

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Dear Donald,

You're going to love this..... As I do share Fritz's comment on the side stepping, I must share with you this story.....

My wife,last year decides that we need the top of the line BOSCH Dishwasher. I don't remember the cost, but it was over a thousand dollars. As I am slaving away (installing it)and making the right connections, I read that it needs it's own dedicated circuit of 15 or 20amps. I can't remember which one....

I'm puzzled by this until I get to the part that states it has a water heater of it's own to crank up the temperature to some insane national sanitation foundation scolding/sterilizing, dis-infecting, germ killing temperature.

Is this somthing I see elsewhere? Rarely, but it may be worth mentioning in the report to check the appliance manual should I find a shared circuit between the dishwasher and the garbage disposal.....especially if it's one of those Monster 3/4 hp - 1 1/4hp models.

P.S. I melt all of my tupperware and similar plastics (to the point that they no longer engage a seal) whenever I run a full cycle.[:-eyebrow

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