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Anchor bolts missing


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Does the house have a sillplate? If so I would think straps of some type, or even something similar to what we see with manufactured homes.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I would even worry about it if you are not in a high wind or quake area. Think of all of the older homes that are just sitting on top of their foundations.

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I use gravity and inertia on my projects. Works every time.

I'm not familiar with how anchor bolts work in seismic events; I'd imagine they make a big difference.

My experience with anchor bolts in high wind and tornado events (I've lived through 2 separate house tornado hits) is that they're superfluous.

If something had to be retrofit, I'd probably do something like Simon sez.

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I would probably use steel straps attached to the joists and to the foundation wall if the main concern was uplift. If also concerned about inward movement of the foundation walls then the steel angle approach is better, but the leg of the angle bolted to the foundation wall needs to be long enough to meet edge distance requirements for the fasteners.

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