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Siding composition?


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I have seen that on some houses. I have seen both face nailed and blind nailed type installation. It's a pretty common product in our area. The main issue is the nailing to close to the butt edge's, or, over nailing the siding. Even though it is a cement based product, it still expands and contracts with the weather. Depending on the age of the home, the butt edges will either be caulked or flashed. The last picture you posted, I believe, is called pinning, which is used with blind nailed installs.

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Actually they started getting tricky as they got to the north end of the house and started using the one nail in the butt technique.

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Are you sure they weren't using those nails as spacers, and just failed to remove them all?

Nope, the idea was to "pin" the corners of the two boards in place, just as Rob said. It was common "folk" practice for several years. I see it constantly - and write it up every time. It's a terrible place for a nail.

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