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Brass water piping

Neal Lewis

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This original brass water supply pipe is in a 1940's house. I've seen miles of this stuff but never before saw this I.D. on the pipe. Does it mean the pipe is 67% brass?

The pipe looked so clean and untarnished as if it just rolled out of the factory. There was no corrosion or pitting on any of the brass piping. Unusual for that vintage.

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Water quality seems to come into play... the 'yellow' brass I see around here is usually never in good shape.. the red brass does tend to stand up better...

Both yellow brass and red brass alloys can be modified by small additions of other elements. For example the addition of aluminium to yellow brass will greatly increase its corrosion resistance for certain applications. An aluminum enhanced yellow brass may outperform a standard red brass, depending on the application.

When specifying metal products always reference a standard rather than using generic names. Always consider not only the loading conditions but also the environment and stray electrical currents that the product may experience. When in doubt consult with an engineer.

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