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Very hot water...Bradford-White

Richard Moore

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I had around 148F water temp today, measured at various places, different times. Normally I would expect the thermostat to be turned way up at the water heater, but this one was at the "factory setting" mark, closer to Warm than Hot. (sorry, the photo is out of focus)

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The water was definately "scalding" and I've checked my thermometer. I'm not comfortable that the clients will be able to turn this down enough to a safe temperature, especially with a 3-year old, so I'm calling for repair.

Water heater is a June, 2001 Bradford White MI403S6EN12 with what looks like a Robert-Shaw control. The recall for those shouldn't affect a 2001 valve.

It's a first for me. Anyone seen this before or know of an existing problem?

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Richard, I recently had the same experience you did...extremely hot water at what looked like normal water heater controls settings. I tried to adjust the setting by turning it up to "Very Hot" and the burner would not light indicating a problem with the control. I reported the scalding water and recommended repair. Unfortunately I did not record the brand of water heater.

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We find this condition often in a particular geographic area that has high sediments in their well water. The probe gets coated with scale and seems to have the reverse effect; low setting = high temp. I would have called it and would have expected "my" inspector to do the same if I was the buyer.

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