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possible mold stains?

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I am considering to make an offer on a condo (top floor unit). During the open house I noticed some dark stains on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms as well as paint/plaster that had been peeling and was painted over at some point (must have been a few years ago). See attached photo.

The area with the stains is near a cabinet that has a dryer and washer in it. The bedroom door is also right next to the bathroom door. The bathroom has a window but no other ventilation. The ceilings in this condo are 9' high, so random markings on the ceiling are unlikely.

Do these dark stains look like mold to you?


Concerned Buyer

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif bedroom-ceiling.jpg

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Only a lab knows for sure if it's mold growth. Get a home inspector. He'll point you in the right direction regarding those stains. Find him by reading online sample reports. After a half dozen of so, you'll know how to pick them out. That's when you're ready to find yours. Like houses, home inspectors ain't all the same.


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. . . Do these dark stains look like mold to you?. . .

I can't tell anything from the picture.

Is there an attic space above the stains? If so, go up there and look at the top of the ceiling. If there's no attic, just cut away the drywall and look at the top of it. If there a water problem or a past water problem it should be obvious.

If you're not comfortable doing that, hire a home inspector to do it for you.

If I were considering buying a condo, the stains in the picture wouldn't have any influence on my decision.

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