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After a faulty home inspection.......


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My sister got a faulty inspection a few yrs ago. She works a 56 hr week and could not be there. Her realtor said she would handle it. When the inspector "finished", he said he could find nothing wrong. In fact, the house was so flawless he did not even write the report. Whatever his fee was, the realtor "took care of it".

I imagine the fee was simply a fistful of cash.

That's what I call a "faulty" inspection.

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One thing that can be taken from this article is that even if you operate in a jurisdiction where the judges will uphold the "Limits of Liability" clause, if you don't send your agreement out ahead of time, with that clause in bold print, then when the person suing you says to the judge, " the inspector put the papers in front of me and told me to sign so I did", then you can expect that clause to go right out the window. Always send your agreements out ahead of time (and a copy of the SOP you use), and have the agreement signed before the inspection, if possible. Judge may still go against you but, when you run a business, there is no sense in inviting trouble.

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