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Anyone care to comment?

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I am not commenting on that particular report. But, I will tell you very very very few reports are beyond comment and, of course, all reports are subject to criticism.

Does not look any worse than most I look at. If you do not know this business, you will write a bs report. More to the point, the software will write a bs report.

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If there were no pictures, then I'd say that the writing was kind of rough, and the comments too vague, but it would seem ok.

With the pictures, though, I'm wondering if the inspector actually understands what he's seen.

None of this is the fault of the report writing program.

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What I was most concerned about is the comment to install a moisture barrier. This is an area below a slab. No access to install a moisture barrier, and no comment in the report that the slab on grade is not properly supported. It seems like-push the moisture barrier comment and move on. Don't actually take the time to understand what you are looking at.

Everybody has their own thoughts on commenting on a little mold.

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