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Melted Attic Vent Baffles

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Has anyone seen this during an inspection. Found 6 melted vent baffles during an inspection. Baffles were located in the garage attic area and main attic area. Home is located in southwestern Illinois. Temperature outside was 75 degrees - attic temperature was below 100 on the day of the inspection. Baffles located in the northwest and southeast corners of the attic. House is approximately 9 years old. No evidence of burn marks on the roof sheath, trusses or paper backing on the insulation. No evidence of outside fires below the soffits. Thoughts, opinions, facts? Photo shown is the worst of the 6.

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I would say that was caused by chemicals. Bug spray, Roach Bombs , Wasp spray, etc?. Anything with a petroleum based ingredient or even Pine oil will melt those baffles.

That makes sense to me. I was thinking maybe a grass fire but I think Scott nailed it.

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But spray contains acetone?

Acetone + styrene = toluene and acetylene. Probably not good stuff to have in the attic.

I am very disappointed that my but spray contains acetone. I think that I will no longer be having but spray on a saltine.

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