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John Dirks Jr

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What gloves do you find as easy to work in and also do a fairly good job of keeping your hand warm?

It's one or the other.

In brutal weather I wear the battery powered gloves from Cabela's. They're 200 bucks but always welcome my cold hands after I had to expose them to frigid temperatures to use tools or to take a picture.

In moderate weather down to about 30 degrees, I wear unlined goatskin gloves.

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I find that I don't need very heavy gloves for inspection work. I'm not outside all that long compared to people who really work outside. For example, my hands get much colder shoveling my driveway than doing an inspection.

All I need is a glove that keeps the wind off my hands and gives me some protection when handing cold things like my ladder. Mostly I wear nylon work gloves with "leather like" palms and fingers. I get them at home depot, 3 pair for $9.99. With these gloves I can work with tools and take pictures with removing them.

When they get dirty or smelly from going into a crawl space I throw them away.

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I use mittens when snowboarding. I find my hands stay warmer when they are in "one" pocket. I bet they make mittens with flip tops so you can take a pic when needed.

That's exactly what mine are. Waterproof, windproof, hood mittens.

Most of the time I wear windproof fleece fingerless gloves, switch to hooded mittens when it's brutal.

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Something I learned running a shovel on the mud tub of a water well drilling rig out in northwest Nebraska when the wind chill was down around -60 degrees.

Keep your head warm. When you head gets cold, your body starts shutting down blood flow to those non-essential areas like fingers and toes.

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