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What is this called?


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It's a slate roof, which needs some work, but nothing remarkable. It was about the brick and the timber.

It's sort of wattle and daub with brick infill. Really crappy idea.

I think Fabry is closest on the brick. Abstract brick expressionism sounds historical; I'll put it in the report and make people ask if it's actually a thing.

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It's indeed a 'thing' (pattern) that I see around here once in a while folks... I just would call it a rusticated type pattern.. Newton MA is loaded with these houses.. Slate roofs, copper, stucco, brick, neglected lintels, termites, the steel windows that are 'heat-suckers'.. asbestos-insulation on old steam or gravity heat pipes, under-sized 'new' boilers, buried oil tanks..etc..

My biggest concern when I see these pop up is underground oil tanks.. :)

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