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Help IDing & fixing Pfister 7200 3valve tub/shower


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Discovered a pretty good leak on both the hot and cold side of my shower valves. This will be my first plumbing project as a home owner so sorry if I'm not using the correct lingo.

I'm looking for advice on IDing the fixture in order to source replacement parts and also some input on if its actually fixable or if the entire unit needs to be replaced.

The unit is branded Price Pfister 7200


It's leaking around the calcium build up at the connection right before it goes back into the shower wall.


I found a generic diagram online for pfister assembly. Hoping it's as easy as replacing the cartridge 910-030


As always any input would be great. Thanks :)

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One more question in conjunction with my little project here. In this pic you can see in the bottom left an open pipe. This is connected to the ptrap of the shower drain but is just left exposed in the wall cavity. Is this supposed to be a vent pipe? There was an old heavy metal pipe next to it that vented to the roof but was not connected to anything.

Should i run new piping up through the roof. Is it ok if its plastic/pvc?


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Heck, it might only need a pair of new washers (950-001). If the valves are still working well, there's little point in replacing them. With the exception of the brass body, everything in that valve assembly is designed to be replaced from the shower side of the wall.

Was there no blocking to hold the valve body in place? There should be.

That open pipe is definitely a disconnected vent. You can re-connect it and vent it through the roof or run it up to an air admittance valve and create an access hatch so that the valve remains accessible.

Is that an outside wall?

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I'll get the cartridge pulled apart today and see what she looks like.

There was no blocking but I'll definitely get a piece in there before I close back up the wall. Thanks for the suggestion.

I already have a penetration in the roof and this is a single story house so I think I'll just run that pipe up through the roof.

And yes that "was" an exterior wall.

Thanks Jim.

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