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Looking for Tool Advice

Rob Amaral

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Hi folks.. I've been using a system of sacks from "Eagle Creek" (a la 1990's) that looped over my work-belt... It's worked great..

The sacks are worn-out as hell.. and I need to upgrade.. I liked the sacks because they are relatively deep, not open 'cups' and with all the crawls, attics and bending over we do, I've rarely lost a tool 'out of the sack' (forgot-behind?? Yes!!)

Eagle creek does not make these anymore... I keep seeing 'open-cup' type systems..not sacks ...

Any thoughts??

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I used to use something similar, but couldn't find them anymore.

Moved to this several years ago and haven't looked back:


Where does the screwdriver go?


Lower left pocket, next to my left hand at rest.

Now I'm tempted to buy one. Can I bill you for it?


Only if we barter for goods in exchange.

I like beignets and muffulettas.

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I was using canvas type clip on pouches from Lowes several years ago. But they always got holes in them after awhile.

Went to a leather maker, he laid out and made me a custom pouch that clips onto my belt. It holds all the stuff I use regularly (every inspection) so I always want it on me.

$100 bucks or so and it's been years since I've had a problem with pouches.

One of these days, I'll have to see if I can find the picture of me when I first started.

Two big electrician pouches full of stuff on a belt. Dang, I looked good and ready for anything.

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