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New Construction & Code Training

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I have searched pretty hard both here and on the internet on what entities offer any type of training or education opportunities for a building inspector who does inspections on new construction or offer training on the ICC Codes.

I am specifically looking for any training type of program that would be in electronic or DVD format that would show violations or the process for construction of a new home or commercial space.

I have contacted the 'Better School of Building Inspectors' about the new construction training and they currently are not offering that side of their training since the 2015 IBC came out and they are reworking their program to update it to the recent changes.

Mainly curious to see if any of you know of any other opportunities or training that could be used for home inspectors but may also carry over to a building inspector.


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Just an observation:

One of the best building inspectors that I ever worked with got his training in the joint. Cost him nothing (out of pocket, anyway), and he came away with a bonus: "Love" and "Hate" tattooed on his right-hand and left-hand knuckles, respectively. These translated from the prison yard to the job site remarkably well. Few builders argued with him.

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In my area, we have AZBO (Arizona Building Officials) that puts on educational seminars throughout the year.

In your area, I see that you have Iowa Association of Building Officials (IABO) that also does educational seminars. You might want to check them out.


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