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Ridge Cap Shingle Question

Tom Breslawski

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I believe they are just field shingles installed over the vent. I checked installation instructions and couldn't find anywhere that said they were allowed.

Thought I'd ask here because there always seem to be people here who know more than I do.

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. This roof had big problems, I'll add this to the list.

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I've never heard of a "ridge vent shingle". Those are just plain field shingles installed over a ridge vent.

I agree. However:

Shingles installed in a valley are valley shingles. Shingles installed on a hip ridge are hip ridge shingles. Shingles installed around the perimeter of a roof are perimeter shingles. Shingles installed in a field are field shingles. Shingles installed atop a ridge vent are ridge vent shingles.

For example, one could say in a report: "The front valley shingles are severely deteriorated." Likewise, one might say "The shingles in the front valley are severely deteriorated."

Either way, same thing IMHO.

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The shingles were high nailed, 7-8 inches of exposure, defective tar strips, 3 nails per shingle and at least two of them were over-driven completely through.

This was really a minor defect on a total hack job roof.

Someone forgot to order the hip and ridge. It's ugly. It will delaminate. Then it will be uglier. Except for a bunch of HIs arguing about them, that's the worst thing that will happen.

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