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Screenless roof venting

Jim Baird

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Enameled steel roof panels, mostly used on ag buildings until their recent raging popularity in our area for houses, fall short of residential needs if you just buy the panel supplier's stuff.  Their ridge vents are wide and open and not screened at all.

This attic has a deposit of autumn leaves enough to carry up a rake when you stow away the Xmas decs.


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1 hour ago, Marc said:

I've never seen screen on a metal panel ridge.

The material popular here is formed by local supply houses that buy the forming machinery and then get the enameled steel in rolls.  Thus there are no "manufacturer's instruction", because the material is not designed for particular use.  To screen the ridge you have to figure something out.  I was called too early once to inspect a greenhorn spec builder's pre-sold house.  He had applied the stuff with no solid decking, as code required at the time.  The insulator showed up while I was at the site.  Their blown fiberglass fell like snow all around the perimeter of the house escaping through the metal profiles at the eaves.

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