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Terrible home inspection advice

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Hey friends,
I'm inspired by some truly awful home inspection advice that ace inspector Ben Hendricks came across and posted on social media this morning. It read:
"You should not inspect in greater depth in areas where clients have concerns. This upsets the balance of the inspection and may expose you to greater liability because the depth of inspection in one area was not matched in other areas."
I'd like to write an article taking on some really bad, published home inspection advice. If you see any online, please email me a link at JamesAndrewMorrison@gmail.com
Or if you know of a pathetic book on home inspections, please either email me the title, or better yet, a .pdf of an offending passage.
Hit me with your worst shot. And as always, thanks very much,
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Hey Jimmy, great idea. 

The first thing that comes to my mind is section 1.3 of the *old* A.I.I. Code of Ethics (of all things): 


Certified Inspectors shall NOT overly scrutinize the property. The purpose of an A.I.I. Certified Inspection is to objectively state the conditions of the property so that the buyer can validate the purchase decision.

 Just to be clear and fair, A.I.I. no longer prohibits "overly scrutinizing" and they finally gave up on validating purchase decisions. 

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