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Flashing above window

Mike Lamb

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I see this but not sure of interpretation.

.  IRC 1405.4 Flashing. Flashing shall be installed in such a manner

so as to prevent moisture from entering the wall or to redirect it

to the exterior. Flashing shall be installed at the perimeters of

exterior door and window assemblies, penetrations and terminations of exterior wall assemblies…



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8 hours ago, Marc said:

Aren't those details around the window decorative only?  Like EIFS trim on each side of a window opening in a wall that's finished in cement board stucco?

It is a stone veneer so I think Jim has it right.  I kind of got protrusion and penetration mixed up.

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I believe this does not require flashing, for two reasons.

First, is appears to slope well away from the wall.

Second, and I’m guessing here, this is either exterior to the brick face, or aligned with it at the interior surface, like one long brick. But looking at the line above it, I can’t see brick cut so thin as that. 

Exterior to the wall, sloped, I’m not sure it’s a problem. 

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