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Synthetic slate roof

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Bobby Jim


I would recommend looking at the installation and spec sheet on this type of product from a manufacture as noted below in the attached links. It appears from this source below a synthetic shake has a 50 year +/- life span.  Installation is always a great place to start.....





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13 hours ago, Bobby Jim said:

Does anybody know of a good resource for synthetic slate (rubber tile) roofs?  Or does anybody have experience with them curling? I've got a roof that I suspect is curling due to a material defect, installation defect and/or poor ventilation. Thanks.

I don't see a lot of them, but every one that I've seen was failing in one way or another. (There are almost no real shake roofs here, so no reason to have fake ones.) I also know that ventilation has little effect on the surface temperature of a roof (usually less than 5 degrees) and, despite manufacturer's claims, has little bearing on the overall performance of roof coverings. And that's about all I can contribute. 

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Plastic slates, aka mud flaps.

Curling is very common with the older products.  The manufacturers have claimed it's not a defect and is a minor cosmetic issue.  A step was added to some installation instructions.  The installer should  bend each individual slate down at the butt end and corners before installing.  I don't think this helped for the long term.

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