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To quote Eastwood: 'A man's gotta know his limits'.  Do you risk it or do you write up as inaccessible?  I try hard to enter attics because they're good places to find fodder for the report. The one in your photo wouldn't stop me.

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Thanks for the replies.

This is the better of the two hazards in the 85 yr old house.

The other was in a room so small there was not a picture angle available.  I did not see a safe enough approach to fit a ladder on or beside either one.  The bad one had a big barrel bolt holding it in the ceiling.  To throw the bolt took a step ladder.  Bolt thrown, the assembly fell in my lap. When I came down I left the junker hanging like a half open mouth.

House offered by a young couple after only six months occupancy.  They likely love those "flip this house" tv shows.

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