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I thought I had encountered just about everything until this

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I haven’t been on this forum for a while. Luckily I have been very busy with my architectural and home inspection work. In my part of NJ a dog or cat and an occasional rodent is what we typically encounter. Last week i inspected a property and was greeted by a llama, 2 alpacas, and 2 goats. Thought I would share my fun meetup. 

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Hi Steve,

Not sure what happened there. When I clicked your link I got

This item was encoded in a format that's not supported

Then when I closed it out I got a short audio on a black screen that sounded like a jet flying far overhead but no visual.

I've yet to meet a Llama or Alpaca. I have met a ferret once. He was friendly  but when he suddenly appeared around my feet I just about jumped out of my skin until I realized it wasn't a rat. I don't do rats - I don't care how cute someone thinks they are.

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It's a movie in a Quicktime format (.MOV), which Mike's Microsoft movie player won't recognize. If you have a PC and want to play it, you'll have to download a video player that'll recognize it. Here's one that works pretty well:  https://potplayer.daum.net/ 

While most of my work is in Portland, I live and, occasionally, work in the much more rural towns nearby. I run into llamas, alpacas, & goats fairly regularly. (I used to milk my neighbor's goat when they'd go on vacation.) 

If there's not a fence between you and them, you should keep them at a distance. The goats love nothing more than to butt you (hard enough to break a bone) when your back is turned (and rams are even worse). The llamas and the alpacas will happily spit at you and then bite you while you're still surprised. 



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I still have yet to best my own '14 Boa Constrictors in Terrariums in a crowded 1950's basement ranch'...    I rang the door (Relo inspection), guy says ,. 'Do snakes bother you' ?   (Guy was out of a 1961 episode of Twilight Zone of course.. not shaven, etc).. I said no.. why? 

"I have a few snakes properly caged down in the basement'

He had a 'few' (14) Boas in huge long terrariums... with tiny narrrow paths between each unit that I had to of course maneuever thru. The ENtire basement (walls/ceilings) were clad with a mylar foil... thermostat for the forced air furnace (and the entire house) was 'in the basement' and was jacked to 90... ground was covered with about 2 feet of snow... no snow on roof... massive ice-dams occurring and ice-dam leaks and his entire roof structure system (planks/rafters) was soaking wet... 

While walking in the back yard I found a rabbit hutch complex (food source) and I ended up walking onto (in deep snow) the 'rabbit remains depository' ... 

One of the creepiest inspections every...    led to all sorts of recommendations including 'total removal of the entire roof structure system/roofing' etc etc.. 

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I had one where the client was all excited because the goats conveyed with the house. The seller was relocating to California and couldn't take them. So excited they were willing to overlook the 6" deep piles of carpenter ant grass around 3 sides of the crawlspace.

Luckily for them the seller's backed out because their relo jobs evaporated.

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inspected numerous "conservatories" & canned hunt compounds with animals from all over the planet & multiple structures on-site all across tx & ok

not my cup of tea but a gig is a gig & many have converted to other usage, better imo




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