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Single Double tapped 20 amp breaker.

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Hello All New to this forum,

Been doing inspections in the Caribbean for 18 years. With new techs, I realize I need to reach out, so this is my first question...

I  run into this constantly. Single double tapped 20 amp breaker because the panel is slightly over capacity. Personally, I dont think it is a safety or fire hazard, but it is a code violation. 

Wondering how you guys write  this up. 


Blue C Home Inspections


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Only Square D and Cutler-Hammer make breakers that are listed to accept 2 conductors. If I see a breaker that is double tapped and should not be, I point it out and suggest the buyer have the issue corrected. It's very simple to to install a wire nut and pigtail and eliminate the double tap. Is it a fire hazard? I can't say. But I can say that it's wrong and there's potential for loose connections and overheating. My opinion is it should be pointed out every time. Immediate concern or not, it's wrong (usually).

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